Daniel Xavier

Design & Product

High fidelity mobile

Redesign of products and validating
ideas thought user labs.

Over 6 Years on the Tech Environment

Helping Design Agencies, Tech Factories and
Digital Products to offer a Better Experience.

CVR Optimization US
Market Product Designer

Part of the team that made HelloFresh be
the leader in the U.S. meal kit market.

Managing iOS and Android
design topics

Improvements of both platforms, A/B tests and
usability tests.

Get the Highest Quality Outdoor
Adventure Travel

We offer adventure travel for those seeking an
outdoor challenge.

Marketplace to Offer Straight
from Factories

Provide functionalities of a market place focusing
easy and reliable usability.

Design and Development of
Digital Products

Together with a great multidisciplinary team, we
build and validate ideas.

Get in Touch!

Don't hesitate to contact me, currently open to new projects.